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How many people is online at your blog? you know that or don't? If you don't know how many people is online at your blog, you can use a free tracker to know it. That is much site provide this service. Once of them is http://www.histats.com If you use them tool, you can know how many people online at your blog, how many people was visited to your blog, and any function. This is once of example : How to get it? please following the steps :
Please visit www.histats.com.

If you was on the histats site, click Register at the top tab.

Content the form with your information, such as email, password, your blog url and etc.

Click Continue button.

Choose the style of histats counter, click Choose a counter from this category.

Please mark the radio button beside the counter style you wanted.

Click Continue button at the bottom of page.

Click at the drop down menu, choose the category which to display at your counter. the choice is : visitor today, Page views today, User online, Total visitors, and total page views. Choose empty if you want not to display them.

Click Continue button.

Wait a moment, your counter is updating.

Until the process is done, copy your counter code and paste to the Notepad or other text editor. Save into your computer.

Logout and close your internet browser.

Done. Now you has have a counter code to add at your blog.
Next step is add your counter code to your blog, please following the steps :
Login to blogger with your ID.
After entering the dasboard page , click Layout.

Click at Page Element tab. See the picture below :

Click at Add a Page element.
After emerging pop up window , Klik add to blog button for the things HTML/JavaScript. See the picture following :

Open your Counter code, copy and then paste into available column.


Done. Please see the result.
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